About Us

Regarding Our Brand

Established in 2008, GUDDINI was established with the aim of delivering home wear and beach wear collections that provide customers with low-key, reasonably priced sophistication.

Our dedication is to assist our clients in making a statement that stands out from the norm. with the enduring and iconic style of New York. embodies contemporary ideals while still showcasing traditions of the past.

Our top-quality home wear and beach products and accessories offer an unparalleled sensory experience. Our focus is on utilizing superior quality yarns, specifically opting for eco-friendly options, to ensure that our customers receive an exquisite home comfort experience that exudes sophistication.

The concept of being accountable for the impact of one's actions on society.

We take great pride in collaborating with hospitals providing items that are brought back to families who require essential supplies such as towels or bathrobes.

Come and treat yourself to the luxurious and remarkable.

The style of the bathrobe you put on can reveal a great deal about your personality or preferences. We have curated a wide array of bathrobes, crafted in sophisticated loungewear style, to cater to every occasion or vibe.

GUDDINI offers all-encompassing solutions for your everyday clothing needs, whether that be enjoying a cup of coffee while reading the morning news, keeping warm on your way to the beach for an evening swim, or quickly throwing on something after showering.

We offer bathrobes crafted in cotton and bamboo terry cotton; explore our selection and discover your preferred design.

The terry bathrobes with their distinct texture come equipped with a trio of pockets and a variety of collar and sleeves designs.


The abbreviation GUDDINI stands for the surname of the founder and designer - Nataliia Guddini.

The GUDDINI adventure doesn't just involve the merchandise, but also the individuals who are connected with the brand.

As a brand that prioritizes meeting customer demands, we maintain close partnerships with our manufacturers and small, family-owned businesses to guarantee that our apparel meets our own high standards, along with the expectations of our clientele.

Our garments are created to withstand the test of time, embodying a timeless aesthetic that is not confined by fleeting trends. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures garments that endure for a lifetime, catering to the discerning tastes of the creative spirit.

Nataliia Guddini, a founder and designer desires to establish trust among customers regarding the brand's commitment towards sustainability, inclusivity, and responsibility.

The brand aims to prioritize the best interests of both the brand and customers while continuously exploring new ways to keep the brand engaging and innovative.