Fabric Care Guide


   Effectively remove both previous and recent stains like cosmetic products, moisturizers, and natural body oils from towels and bathrobes. Rub the product directly onto the affected part(s) and wash it as usual.

   A useful piece of advice is that the discoloration or yellow tinge can be attributed to factors such as the accumulation of minerals, grime, and age-related effects on the material. To prevent this situation, it is advisable to wash and dry Terry robes and towels separately from garments.


   Machine Wash: Set the machine to a normal cycle, using cold to warm water to ensure optimal cleaning. Excessive use of detergent can cause a buildup of soap on your towels resulting in rigidity. Thus, it's advisable to use a minimal amount of detergent.

   Tumble Dry: To maintain the integrity of the fibers, colors and elasticity, it is advised to select the low heat and low tumble dry settings on the dryer. The optimal scenario is for linens to spend minimal time in the dryer.  

How do you wash Bamboo Terry?

   Bamboo textures will keep up their uncommon qualities when washed in cold to warm water (up to 40 degrees Celsius) with a delicate cleanser, free of dye. You will need to utilize a tender cycle for a few wrapped up pieces of clothing and texture sorts. In case essential, bamboo textures can be dried in a dress dryer on the cool setting.

Does bamboo terry shrink?

   The shrinkage of bamboo fibers is greater than that of cotton when subjected to high temperatures. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid washing or drying these clothes in high-temperature settings.

What is the recommended method to maintain the softness of bamboo clothing?

   It is advisable to hand wash bamboo clothing and air dry them to ensure they remain exceptionally soft, rather than using a clothes dryer.

Does Bamboo Terry need ironing?

   Bamboo clothing does not require ironing if you maintain organized storage of clothes. In the case of items that have been tightly crumpled, it will be necessary to utilize an iron since our materials have not been processed to resist wrinkles. Our suggestion is to hang items out of direct sunlight for drying, as this will lower the possibility of wrinkles.


   Terry towels and bathrobes ought to be put away, washed, and cleaned in a dry region. Since putting away in plastic can cause yellowing, we suggest cotton capacity sacks as they are breathable and secure things from moths and dampness.